Hot Desking

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We’re more than just desk bookers, but we do that too! Make it easy for your team to find and coordinate with colleagues and visitors, book hot desks, meeting rooms, and parking. Manage and readjust your space, all in one place. 

Practical tools for employees

Powerful benefits for employers

For Employers
For Employees

Employer Benefits

Manage flexible working

Employee Features

Everything you need

How does it all work?

Let's get acquainted
  • Chat with our team so we can understand how hybrid working is working (or not!) for you
  • Turn on or off only the features you need
  • Only need hot desking today? No problem! You can turn on other features as you need them
Create your space
  • Say goodbye to 2D cartoon hot desk maps!
  • Send us a floorplan or photos of your office
  • Our team creates a 3D user-friendly visual that actually looks and feels like your office
You're ready to go!
  • We help with launch, training, and onboarding  
  • SSO makes it simple
  • Sync with the systems you already use and love

Your team are now ready to book everything they need all in one place.

Insights that Inspire

View how many desks are booked, how much capacity is left, make sure everyone has access to a parking place, and view trends over time to help plan closing, opening or redesigning offices. We give you the data to manage hybrid working today, and the insights to drive your business forward for tomorrow. 

The way we work has changed.
Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

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